How Ideas on Demand will unlock the design potential of every human being.

Aug 10, 2017

Neil Patel By Neil Patel

Our mission: Ideas On Demand; and the purpose of that mission being to unlock the design potential of every human being.

You're likely asking what that means to me and why.

Imagine that you have an idea for a product, whether it's something you use in everyday life, or a new product that you’ve thought of yourself and feel you can delight the world with it. Now, imagine that there is a way for you to simply design it without the need to learn any complicated software. There’s the ability for a 3D model to come to life and for you to visualize it in your home or work and then when you’re ready, send the file to 3D print with a simple voice command. Then, only a few days later, if not the very same day, your product turns up at your front door.

It doesn’t stop there. Now, imagine that your product is even better than you could have imagined, and all your friends and family are asking you where you got it and you realize that other people would pay for your idea. You now have the ability to sell it to the world in a sustainable way.

That is what I mean is possible with our mission and purpose. 

I firmly believe that through the combination of AI, AR and 3D printing, we can set about making an impact all over the world from helping villages to 3D print themselves out of trouble, to helping any local community become self sufficient and sustainable.

It's feels and sounds crazy but let me try and break down my thinking as to how we will building a passionate and driven team to execute our vision.

Remember a time when we used to go down to the local butcher, bakery, clothes store and many other local stores to buy all of our weekly needs. Then came along the mega stores and then the shopping malls. Slowly but surely we started to become less connected and supportive of our local entrepreneurs.

What if technology could reverse that trend in a few areas of our life? What if we could support local ideas by making them possible, on demand, by unlocking an individual’s design potential in every local community and then connect them to a global community?

What if you could design, 3D print and locally recycle 20% of the things you buy today that are shipped from locations that are thousands of miles from you? What if the things you designed could be bought around the world to fuel your personal income and add to your local economy and you didn't have to ship a single box in the process? What if everything you designed could be 3D printed and locally recycled?

We can achieve this and much more.

The best part is that through what Print The Future is building, these questions no longer need to be a what if, but instead let's ask each other how can we make that possible. That’s the goal at Print The Future. Each one of our store locations will help it's local community to design, 3D print and recycle Ideas on Demand. We will empower individuals to unlock their design potential on our platform driven by AI and AR.

As we roll out locations to new communities, we become a global network to shares those values and create a sustainable ecosystem. We believe in an ecosystem that will bring significant financial returns while empowering local communities to support more local entrepreneurs to become global change makers.

We need passionate individuals like you to contribute and help us succeed.

Share with us your thoughts on how we can unlock your design potential or even how you see yourself being a part in supporting us to achieve our goal of opening hundreds of locations across the world.