Featured by Interior Design Magazine

Mar 08, 2017

Chair By Mark Morris

Interior Design Magazine is the largest publication in its category in North America. In a Facebook Live interview Raj expands on the concept of bringing custom manufacturing straight to the end user—bypassing manufacturing, supply-chain, logistics and customs issues often associated with fabrication of large-scale custom goods. (Check out the full live interview here or the full article at the link below!)

Many people still don't know about 3D printing and those that do associate it with small-scale objects. Print the Future allows users to bypass traditional modes of manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing employs additive or subtractive methods to produce objects—either you start with a small piece of material and add pieces to it, or you start with a whole piece (like solid wood) and remove materials from it until you're left with the finished piece. Print the Future allows for the fabrication of complex objects that are formed from the ground up, producing zero waste in the process.

Some of the pieces produced by these life-sized 3D printer aren't even possible using conventional methods of manufacturing. Print the Future unlocks the creative capacity of designers to imagine objects in spaces that were never before possible.


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